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By experiencing the ambience of buying convenience in few foreign cities, a group of youngsters who enjoy the ease brought by technologies, had proposed a mobile application which known as DUDU for local. DUDU was developed to provide citizens the flexibility in carrying out daily life conveniently & efficiently by delivering food, fresh ingredients, daily products & even cleaning services to doorstep. With the proven usefulness of similar applications in many cities, DUDU will definitely make your life easier.

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Service Transition

26 Apr
🥬 Service Transition Notice 🥬 Thank you for your support and love to DUDUTM Runner Service a [...]

Perkhidmatan Menghantarkan Barang, Mengambilkan Barang, dan Membelikan Barang Negeri Melaka

16 Mar
Anda sedang mencari servis runner Melaka yang boleh menghantarkan barang? Mengambilkan barang? Ataupun membelikan [...]

Happy Independence Day

30 Aug
Today is a beautiful day for the nation and its people. 🥰 🇲🇾 Happy Independence Day to my [...]


12 Aug
Ramai yang memerlukan servis penghantaran, mengambilkan ataupun membelikan barang pada masa penularan wabak ini. [...]

Servis Runner Melaka

16 Jul
Masih mencari-cari runner untuk menghantarkan barang, mengambilkan barang atau membelikan barang⁉️ T [...]

Servis Runner Melaka

5 Jul
Mana boleh dapat runner servis yang mudah digunapakai lagi murah eh⁉️🤔🤔 Harga hanya [...]


30 Jun
现取现送又便宜的跑腿哪里找⁉️🤔 有东西需要人代送、代取、代买,DUDU跑腿都能为您代劳。🛵   为什么很多客户或商家会选择DUDU跑腿呢⁉ [...]


28 Jun
𝐊𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐚𝐡 𝐜𝐮𝐛 [...]

Servis Penghantaran VIRAL di Melaka

23 Jun
Dah cuba servis penghantaran DUDU yang viral di Melaka ⁉️ Kenapa ramai peniaga suka guna servis peng [...]

Get RM10 OFF and special gifts for each of your purchase!

24 Dec
HO-HO-HO Santa DUDU is here‼️ Get RM10 OFF and special gifts from us for each order from 24th-25th D [...]

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